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In Property Investment, Cheaper Might Not Be Better

I believe that most of the people have mentality of greed. If you bought a small things but cheated by other an you won’t have much loss, but if it is to buy a house, it is best not to embrace the mentality of greed to buy.


Once something goes wrong, the losses can be very serious, and when it comes to buying a house, compared to people who don’t have a lot of experience, in this case, you can’t risk buying a cheap house, although the price is very attractive, but you know, how much risk is there in buying a cheap house?

Buying a cheap house is risky, Here are 4 problems will you be faced if you having mentality of greed when buy a property.

quality problems

  1. Quality problems

If there is a quality problem with the house, it will be very difficult to live in the house, and there will be a lot of maintenance costs in the later period. If the house is only a small quality problem and the price is relatively cheap, you can still buy it.


But if it is a more serious quality problem to pay attention to. Some second-hand houses have been redecorated before they are sold. When looking at houses, buyers should pay attention to the wall, roof, water supply and drainage and other details to ensure that there are no water leakage, wall cracks, water supply and drainage impassability and other problems that are difficult to repair.


  1. Unclear property rights


Property for the house is very important, if meet the house property right is not clear, small make up suggest you buy, the cheaper house is very likely to encounter property right is not clear, the house property rights mainly include not limited property rights, property rights transactions, to wait for a few kinds of property rights, some 5 card one of bridal chamber can’t deal with house property card, if buyers encounter these types of houses, even if again also do not buy cheap, buy before the house is likely to be the next second, it is not you.

money properties

  1. Mortgage

Some price is cheaper house, property rights are clear, but it could be limited property rights transactions, such as some seller because of funding problems, will house property mortgaged to the bank, but also will choose hide houses have mortgage, the house sell go out, so buyers don’t buy such a house, because even if you pay to buy, the house is not belong to you. Before you buy, had better inquire the relevant information such as housing ownership, mortgage circumstance.

empty properties

      4. Poor housing type


Most home buyers in the selection of houses will look at the housing type of research, select a few times, the housing type is left behind.

The impact of housing type is also very big, so we should pay attention to the problem of housing type when buying a cheap house.

If the type of house is not square enough, there is a lack of Angle or hypotenuse, if you live in such a house for a long time, it will bring a lot of bad effects, so you should pay attention to the type of house when you buy a house.

rachel IP

That is about what risk will you have when you choose to buy cheap house, cheap house must have its reason for cheap, and everybody when choose houses, especially second-hand housing, be sure to verify the property of the building, and field trips, can’t because of hasty and choose to buy cheaper.


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