4 level of investment mastery. Which level are you?

How many of you want to become a successful investor?

How many of you want to become property tycoon?

How can you actually achieve that?

How many more steps that you need to action to become on it?



This is Rachel Lim. She is a property trainer, coach, and investor.

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— >  Rachel Lim – Property trainer, coach and investor.





Done? Let’s start the topic of this blog – 4 Level of investment mastery.

There are 4 steps of investment mastery.

Which level that you are on it?


Level 1 of investment mastery: Data input

While you need to buy properties, you need a lot of data, information input. All this input and data are no right and wrong. All these input and data input to your brain and they just absorb it but didn’t do any action on them. Those data just like raw material and these people just keeping them.

Usually these people are knowledgeable just like dictionary walking on the street but they don’t know how to process data. So that they don’t buy any properties in their life.


Level 2 of investment mastery: Information

For the people who are in this level are already transferred data to become information. They using these information in their life, take action and practice. They are able to use those information to buy properties.

People who are in level 2 are normally have invest less properties. Maybe just only 1-10 properties and they still haven’t reach financial freedom.

Most of the people stopped here and don’t willing go to next level. If want to move on to another level of investment mastery, they need to breakthrough of it.


Level 3 of investment mastery: knowledge

After breakthrough from level 2. They are turning their information to become knowledge. They are using their knowledge to invest into properties. Invest in properties is not only data or information, but based on that they able to invest in diamond properties and build wealth.

In this stage they able to have around 10-20 properties. But yet they still haven’t reach financial freedom goal. If need to become financial freedom, they need to turn their knowledge to become wisdom.


Level 4 of investment mastery: Wisdom

The ultimate level of investment mastery is become wisdom. In this stage are all the property tycoon. They are not only financially free, they are also able to build up a property empire and run the empire with their own team. People in this stage are having their own strategies, cash flow management, operating management team.




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–> Rachel Lim – Property trainer, coach and investors.



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