5 Top reason why people not successful. What are the reasons stopping you?

So many people said they want to be successful, they want to change their life. But throughout so many years, their life still haven’t change. They still having their tough life and still facing a lot of problems.

Here are the Top 5 reason why you can’t be successful.


Reason 1: Do not VALUE their time.

Besides the knowledge and skills that we have, TIME is the most important, valuable and treasurable element in our life but there are so many peoples are not aware of it.

The most important reason why people are no successful is because they are not value their time.


For example, around 20s years old is allowing you to learn a lot of knowledge and also allowed do some mistakes. It is able to do a lot of new things without fear and considerations. But the main problem is they think that they still got a lot of time. “I can do it next year”, “I can do this next time”… These kind of thinking is killing you!

Especially for the property investment. It is really about time. Most of the 40s years old people are regret that they didn’t learn property investment when they were young, they want to going back to their young age, but they couldn’t.

It is really not about how old are you, it is about how much remaining time that you have in this world. Beside the money and the goal that you set, you really need to ask yourself, what can you make the best to use your time now that to create the future you really want.


Reason 2: Never STEP OUT for what you are doing

Many peoples are stick in their comfort zone too long!

So long as you’re sitting within your comfort zone, you’re not growing because you’re not moving. Growing is about becoming more than we are now, and the only way you’ll ever be able to become more than you are is by experiencing what is outside of you. This requires you to step outside of your comfort zone.

The Key of success is learning the new thing than you are doing it. Not learn the thing than you are not doing it.


The key is stepping out continuously. Staying in comfort zone will have a lot of thinking, illusion and fantasy in mind. It will be fine if don’t stepping out but please don’t complaint it in the future.

The trick to beating your comfort zone, to making it a habit of stepping outside of yourself and growing consistently, is to lower your resistance to doing the task. When an opportunity presenting itself, it’s fear that holding us back. That’s what we’re facing when we come up against our comfort zone


Reason 3: Not having GOAL in life

Many people living without set a goal for their life and this will make you become unsuccessful.

Want to be successful, need to have a direction and goal of your life. For example, while driving a car, also need a destination. This destination is same as goal. You need to know where you want to go what you want to reach.

Once you have defined your aims and what you want, it is easier to deal with doubts. Easier not to get distracted from what is important, keep your focus, and keep moving.


Reason 4: Self-input limitation

Nowadays many people have self-limitation to themselves that they can’t do many things. They think that they can’t reach their goal, they don’t have that kind of abilities or they don’t know how to do it.  

They limited themselves so much that can’t make them to be successful.

If you want to be successful, you can’t limit yourselves. You need to believe yourselves and take action to think how can be successful. What should you do to reach your goal. Successful people are in touch with their power, and are not afraid to use it and express it.


Reason 5: NEVER action to be successful

So many people have the knowledge and have a way to be successful but yet they still can’t be successful because they NEVER action. They only know how to talk, what they need to make them to be successful but still they never take action to make it.

Some people have a lot of excuses, a lot of stories. These excuses and stories will make you be unsuccessful.

A person never to be successful if didn’t take action so that if you want to be successful, DO it NOW! Don’t let fear, excuses and stories control and stop you to become successful.


In conclusion, here are the top 5 reason What stopping you to be successful.

1, Do not VALUE time properly.

2, Never STEP OUT of what you are doing.

3, Do not SET GOAL in life.


5, NEVER take action to be successful.


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