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Without attending any preview by Rachel on ‘Making Your Millions Through Buy & Sell Program’, my husband signed up the course and brought me to attend the 3 full-day training together in JB. Firstly, my expectation for the training was no expectation. Get ready that it will be another common technical training. A training with […]

CORE Market Review 2016 – Penang

Penang property market is one of the 3 hottest markets in Malaysia, known for its top economy, tourism and property industries. Penang property prices has been outperforming most of Malaysia consistently since 2003. Generally speaking, you can see it’s impressive growth rate makes it the most consistent high growth market in Malaysia. If we count […]

Is Iskandar Property Still Worth Investing In 2016?

Ever since end of 2013, Iskandar property market peaked from a period of super high growth to a gradual slow decline. To add to the problem, Iskandar Redevelopment Authority (IRDA) announced partnerships with 3 major Chinese developers to develop more than 107,000 high-rise units in Iskandar. Shocked by this news, panicking investors and homeowners stopped […]

How To Get Your Loans Approved

By: Viknesh Ashley Clarence It is often believed that getting a loan for property investment is difficult nowadays with stringent requirements attached to the rising prices. Property Insight sat down with property investor and CEO of SkyBridge International Adrian Un, seasoned investor and co-founder of the Community of Real Estate Investors (CORE) Rachel Lim and […]