How to maintain our property value?

For many investors in the real estate industry, accurate judgment ability is a MUST. If the judgment went wrong, it may cost you to buy a worthless real estate and make you lose money. So, do you know how to make a correct judgment to reach property preservation?


What should we understand about property preservation?


The era of simply to buy a property and it can appreciate itself has passed, house price rises and falls now. Nowadays, a clever person not only care the value of property, but also maintain value of house property and capital appreciation in the future.


Everyone hopes the properties that bought by them can appreciate.

If the property is for own stay, they hope the property can maintain the value.

If buy for invest, they hope the property can bring them more income.


But how can we identify the potential of capital appreciation?

Do not listen to the intermediary’s words. You need to adhere to your idea and the best idea is to consult experts.

The responsibility of the intermediary is to sell the house, so their opinion cannot be fully believed, and to their own attention and consult experts.

Like buying a stock, cannot simply heard what banker says and believe on it. We should observe from it and understand the market.


If you’re renting out, look for university districts, administration buildings, and places with a lot of numbers of workers.

If for own stay, it should pay attention to the convenience of the surrounding, such as subway station, expressway, these hot areas are the land developers must contend for, real estate developers like to develop in this area.


When buying a property that is still under construction, be sure to pay attention to the credit of developers and contractors. It is necessary to pay attention to the overall planning of the property. The chance of capital loss is less if you choose a property developed by a highly creditworthy developer.


Learn from professional real estate investors as much as possible, choose the right real estate, pay attention to the policy and real estate dynamics, and buy real estate with real development potential according to various conditions.

Dollars stairway and upward arrow

Dollars stairway and upward arrow

The greater the potential of real estate development, the greater the space for appreciation.

money properties

Which kind of property preservation is better?

If want to choose to be worth to buy a few property that has investment and appreciation space, you should do the following:

The value of real estate itself mainly includes two aspects:

The layout of property and the layout of the whole community, such as regional planning, beautification, building distance, road condition and safety degree.

JOHOR BAHRU 02 March 2015. (NST JS940G / METRO JA295F / BH JBH435A)  Shots were fired outside the Nusajaya police station today. NSTP/Mohd Azren Jamaludin

What are the public resources around the property?

There are three primary aspects: traffic conditions, such as subways, buses, high-speed trains and so on.

Facility building. This aspect mainly includes municipal facilities and daily facilities. Municipal facilities include educational facilities (nursery, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, etc.). Medical facilities (hospitals, etc.); Sports facilities (stadiums); Commercial working facilities (food sales, general merchandise sales, etc.); Financial facilities (Banks, post offices, etc.); Administrative facilities (offices, police stations, fire stations, etc.).


Environmental conditions, generally including beautification and noise, pollution and other conditions.


Buy a house investment need to pay attention to what problems? Decide good investment strategy, buy a house to invest is a knowledge, want to be able to obtain profit truly, first need to decide appropriate oneself investment strategy, the real estate that you “want” to invest and the real estate that you “should” invest is still very different.


You should have a clear understanding of your financial situation, how much money you have to invest in a property, what kind of property you can invest in, which of these properties is a good value for money and so on.


Choose a good location, location is a necessary factor to consider when buying an investment, the location of good or bad related to the price of the property, more related to the investment value of the property.


Location good housing, the housing price is quite high, and the possibility of value is bigger, and housing price is lower, the possibility of a fall in the value of it is bigger, so under the condition of the economic conditions allow, buy site better property, so that we can further to ensure that your property will be appreciation, rather than a fall in the value.


If you want to make your own judgment about the value of a property like a professional, learn from a professional. Because they have been successful in real estate investment returns, they have been proven to be able to allow you to faster and more stable investment in the real estate road to find their own road!


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