My first property investment experience as a CORE investor

familyWhile growing up, I had a dream that someday I wanted to own many homes and let my friends and family stay with me while doing whatever I wanted with my free time.

Real life, sadly, was not so kind. I worked for many years while supporting my family, but I never felt like I had enough spare cash for investment, and my dream slipped further and further away from me every year.

It was then when I got to know about CORE Investors through a friend. Unlike my initial idea that property investment was only for the rich, I found that using the CORE ‘Buy & Sell’ strategy, I only needed to pay less than RM 10,000 upfront for a 3 bedroom unit, even on a 70% mortgage loan!

Imagine paying less than RM10K to own a gated and guarded property in a booming part of Iskandar! Suddenly, my dream was no longer out of reach.

However, what about the risk? Especially in this slow market, would I be stuck paying thousands every month waiting for the property to grow in value while it remains vacant?

This was when I talked to Rachel Lim, CORE director and investment coach, about my concerns. She asked me one simple question:

‘You already know some investors can still make money even in the slow market now. Can you really do nothing about your problems or are you just afraid of the unknown?’

This was when I realized, if I don’t know why properties grow in value, I couldn’t know what was a good investment. If I don’t know which areas still have good rental and why, I couldn’t invest in an area with growing rental prices. These were all problems I could solve through educating myself.

That was why I signed up for Rachel’s Buy & Sell seminar to learn how to spot a good investment that can give me up to 30% returns in 3 years.

To my surprise, I found this strategy to be both simple to understand and easy to get started. What’s more, after the seminar there was an optional coaching program where we put the strategy we learnt to action and actually buy our first property!

The going was tough, my team researched more than 50 property projects in 3 months and covered almost the whole of Iskandar, but in the end we managed to find and negotiate a very good package for an AAA project from a reputable developer.

Based on price alone, we were already 20% lower than surrounding properties, and we were confident
the property value could rise by at least 10% in next 3 years as mega projects nearby get completed.

core_coaches_1This was the deal that turned me from a normal person into a property investor, and it changed my life in just 3 months. I now know a system to follow that can generate the wealth I need for myself and my family to live comfortably for the rest of my life.

Today, I volunteer as one of the coaches for the same coaching program I went through, so that I have a chance to give back for others to get their results.

Are you next?

Rachel will be conducting an introductory workshop on how she flips properties for investment profit which made her a millionaire in less than 3 years. Will you take up the opportunity?


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