My career change from a HR professional to a power investor

6 months ago, I was working in HR field and the co-owner of a small Laundry business in Johor. I have already invested in properties for a number of years before that, and I own a number of small but profitable property investments, but somehow my returns were never enough to free me from the corporate life and let me do what I love, which is owning and renting out property.

Then, due to a coincidence, I got to know about CORE Investors and decided to join Rachel’s Buy and Sell Seminar.

The benefits that i earned were immediate! Previously I was just investing by myself and I usually had to pay the public price and package. It was not really fun to invest alone due to i had to do everything by my own. Until certain time, I found that it is almost impossible to buy many houses with limited resources.

Rachel, as a guru on developer bulk purchase, and still doing it, showed me exactly the same method she used to “fish” for her own investments, and even though we were investing for the same number of years, her deals and her results were much better than mine!

I also learnt the most significant thing in my investments is not just in buying a good deal, but in deciding on my exit strategy. If I could not sell at a price and a time I wished, I would now no longer consider the property. Before this, I never thought that there are always possibilities to buy any number of properties i want as long as i look for ways to do it. Now I believe it is possible.

Together with my investor team which I found during the seminar, we personally found, negotiated and bought more than 10 units of a high potential project worth over 6,000,000 Ringgit just 3 months after the seminar! We made more than 1,000,000 RM in savings just for negotiating and buying the deal together!

Now thanks to my training and new confidence, I have quit my HR job, and am now focusing on managing my property investments, my laundry business, and helping the CORE community to get better rental yield for our projects.

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