My property investor journey from Confused to Confidence

My name is Nicholas and I’m an investor with a few properties, a stable career and a loving family with wife and kids.

Before I attended Rachel’s BUY & SELL program, I used to buy properties “blindly” without doing much research. I would read the news and listen to other people on what’s the “Hot” areas and rush into buying a project I thought for sure will make money.

This worked sometimes, and I got a few good buys. Other times, the investments were not so good, and I ended up bleeding some money. Sometimes as a family man, I would worry whether I should be straining my family finances to get such unstable returns. At times it even seemed like I was gambling with our savings.

This all changed after I attended Rachel’s seminar. During the program, I learnt how dangerous my previous way of investing was and what it was costing me financially and with my family. I also learnt the proper way to research on property, leveraging on others, boom factors, negotiation skills, etc.

After that, I proceeded to participate in the 3 month coaching program where under the close guidance of Rachel and her dedicated coaches, I learnt to put the theory to action.

Thanks to their help, in 3 months, me and my investment team managed to find and negotiate a ridiculously undervalued project with the best price anybody has seen in this market! Together with my team, we bought more than 12 units worth over 7.2 MILLION RM and made over 1,080,000 RM worth in savings immediately when we bought them!

For me, my REAL property investment journey has just begun and my next personal target is FINANCIAL FREEDOM for me and my family.

“Now, I always play above the line”.

All thanks to Rachel, her coaches and my team.

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