Proud to be part of Core Family!

Without attending any preview by Rachel on ‘Making Your Millions Through Buy & Sell Program’, my husband signed up the course and brought me to attend the 3 full-day training together in JB.

Firstly, my expectation for the training was no expectation. Get ready that it will be another common technical training. A training with lots of theories and facts downloading to participants as typical training in the market.

However, Rachel had proved me wrong once she first started the training. I can say I love her at the first sight. What was delivered by her is not only a solid content of training but also with the planted love and care in her as added CORE essence.

Right after the training, I continue the journey with a team and we then bonded as an extended family. In less than 4 months’ time, we had invested on properties which amounted to total of 4.0 million in a group of 6 members. And now after 10 months in this community, the Core family become bigger and I am growing stronger.

Before I attend the course, I never imagine and expect that I can buy more than 1 property other than the current house for the family stay. But now, I did it and it’s still counting. I will keep moving forward to pursue a better future for my family and people.

Rachel keep empowering and inspiring me from what she believing in people and she makes me dare to dream big and believe in myself again that I can grow big.

Properties are definitely tangible objects that u can get here, but for me myself, it’s much more beyond properties and my personal development with inspiration that I can bring to many others in this world.

Proud to be part of Core Family!

Your love,
Karen Chan

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