Rachel’s Story: It all started with the RM100,000.00 Goal…

I grew up in a Chinese Kampung in Hulu Langat, Selangor. It’s a small Chinese Village with the residents mostly working as farmer or rubber tapper. Being the middle child of a family with 5 kids and parents of rubber tappers, we grew up with very minimum things around us.

Despite our family’s economic situation, I was grew up with all kinds of kampong kids activities; catching fishes at the big drain and pond, swimming in the river, climbing up the rambutan tree and playing “jumping the airplane” and “Guli” balls.

I had a happy and outgoing childhood, without any worry for money and any idea of what do I want to do when I grow up!

I studied at Chinese school for my primary and secondary education. My parent couldn’t afford to pay for any tuition classes, so going to school was just some good time spent with friends and no intention to get good score and results.

After I finished my high school, I kind of wonder what I was going to do next. I spent a year working until my dad sold his land where he grew the rubber trees. I then went to study in a twining program and got my Degree in Finance at the age of 25.

After working for few years, I started asking myself what’s my life direction in term of career and what is my passion. I just do not like the idea of working in “JOB” till I reach 55 years old.

It was Nine years ago that I attended my first wealth creation seminar. I was overwhelmed and it was mind blowing! – the knowledge and information that I learn from the seminar. Nobody had ever told me before that it was possible and there are ways and methods to do it.

It made me realize that my many years of formal education and the degree didn’t really teach me much about creating my wealth. No way that working in a “JOB” can make me rich.

And something that I did in the seminar has literary changed my life; they asked me to declare a yearly Monetary Goal!

“How much money I would want to make besides the ones from my job annually?”

I never thought of this before. You can say I was naïve or unexposed to this kind of thinking, I literary had to hold my breath and shut my mind up and quickly wrote down this number: RM100,000.00 per annual!

Looking at my goal, I know that my job will not get me where I wanted to be. I quit my job and work in commission based self-employed career. This also didn’t get me where I wanted to be.

So I started to look into more of “WHAT TO” and “HOW TO” to achieve the RM100,000.00 goal that I had.

I tried to trade in Forex for about 14 months, it was really no fun as most of the time I was sitting in front of the computer to monitor the market. I felt “No life” and my emotion was really UP and DOWN following the market movements. What was more depressing was instead of making money, I made a loss of about RM10,000.00.

I then went to more seminars, each time if I was asked to declare a monetary goal, without thinking and hesitation, I will wrote down my “RM100,000.00” goal.

Deep down in my heart I knew that one day I will achieve this RM100,000.00,  one fine day. And I always take this goal as my breakthrough for myself in term of mindset and to become wealthy.

I then tried many others money making vehicles, MLM, stocks and shares, and also ran different businesses.

Until one day, my husband invited me to a property talk. Without knowing much about property investment and interest, as a loving and supportive wife, I accompanied my husband to attend the talk, which was conducted by Freemen Michael Tan.

We were amazed and excited by the Financial Freedom story shared by Michael Tan, and how to achieve Financial Freedom through No Money Down Property Investment.

At that point of time, I suddenly realized that for the past 5 years we were focusing at the RM100,000.00 goal, its like focusing on a short term monetary goal, and that was why we were jumping from one thing to another and hoping that we will make the money whenever we tried out something new.

We subscribed to the Freemen idea of Financial Freedom and participated in their education, wholeheartedly, as people say the rest is history.

Millions thanks to Freemen and Michael, today, my husband and I are financially free, he has quit his job as an aircraft engineer this year.

We love to travel; we enjoy learning different culture and meet different people and that was what we have been doing for the past 4 or 5 years or so.

We have 2 lovely kids, we spend most of our time to be with them, see them growing up, to be with them whenever they need us, and this has been the best blessing and rewards from being financial free (besides helping others in need).

I am now sharing my property investment knowledge and experience with many others. My passion and purpose in life is to inspire and help others to achieve their financial freedom like how I did.

I am now sharing my experience with others in a half-day workshop “Flip Your Ways To Riches”  & where I show how I made money through buying and selling properties in my 1st year

I want to open the invitation to you to come for this session if you want to still make money from flipping the properties in current timing.

Looking back, started with the RM100, 000 goal nine years ago, we are very grateful and have so much gratitude to be able to be financially free.

I wish my story has inspired you to find your dream, continue to hold on to it and to never give up and make it come true.

Rachel Lim

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